What’s the Best Kitchen Sink for Your Remodel? Here’s What to Look For

Does your kitchen remodel call for a new sink?

Whether you’re doing a full-scale renovation or just a small update, a new kitchen sink is a simple way to freshen up your decor while offering convenience and other benefits.

The best kitchen sink for you depends on a number of factors, including your household and kitchen size, how often you cook, ease of maintenance, overall design and of course your budget.

To help you make the best choice, here are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Sink Mounting Style

Would you rather have the edge of your sink on top of the counter, underneath, or built in?

  • Topmount: Also called a “drop-in” or “self-rimming” style, the edge of the sink sits on top of your counter. This budget-friendly option works with traditional or modern design and is typically easy to install.
  • Undermount: This type of sink hangs from the underside of your countertop, leaving the edge of your counter exposed for a sleek appearance. A model that matches the size of your lower cabinets means fewer modifications and easier installation.
  • Integrated sink: A great choice for the minimalist kitchen, a countertop with a built-in sink of the same material, such as stainless steel, granite or quartz is customizable, easy to clean and gives your kitchen a seamless, contemporary feel.

Number of Bowls

Think about the number of dishes you typically wash and your personal kitchen workflow when considering the number of bowls you need for your sink.

  • Single bowl: The most common style, a single basin sink is great if you have lots of big pots and pans to wash. It lends a simple elegance to your kitchen and is affordable and easy to clean.
  • Double bowl: Do you prefer to wash dishes in one bowl and rinse in the other? A double bowl sink is a good choice for the dishwashing multitasker. You can go with symmetrical bowls of the same size, or one large and one small to accommodate a variety of dishes, pots and pans.

Farmhouse Style

Also known as the apron sink, the farmhouse sink is typically deeper than the traditional single basin sink.

  • This is a versatile option from a design standpoint. Its smooth, rounded appearance looks right at home in a rustic farmhouse kitchen and also lends a unique elegance to an ultra-modern decor.
  • Installation may require remodeling or replacing countertops and lower cabinets to ensure a proper fit. For this reason, a farmhouse sink may work better in a new build or complete remodel than for a simple replacement.

Kitchen Sink Materials

Finally, kitchen sinks come in a range of materials, so you’ll want to consult with your contractor to determine the best choice for your project.

  • Stainless steel: The most popular kitchen sink material, lightweight stainless steel. is an affordable, durable, heat- and stain resistant. Although it can be loud when bumping up against pots, pans, dishes and utensils, this can be addressed with a special coating or padding.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is a long-lasting, lightweight material that is easy to install and maintain, resists stains and comes in lots of styles and colors. It may be vulnerable to damage from extremely high temperatures, so it’s best to let pots and pans cool before placing them into the sink.
  • Granite or Composite: Granite gives you the beauty of natural stone along with stain-, scratch- and heat resistance. A granite-quartz composite is another highly durable option that stands up to chipping, scratching and staining and is fairly easy to install.
  • Cast iron: A durable cast iron sink features a porcelain enamel for wear resistance, can handle extreme temperatures and resists odors, corrosion, abrasion, dirt and other damage.  
  • Fireclay: Also known as ceramic, fireclay is a nonporous material that resists heat, stains, odors and scratches. It is a heavy option so you’ll want to make sure you have sturdy enough cabinetry to support the weight of your sink.
  • Copper: This antibacterial metal helps you keep a healthy kitchen and offers a classic appearance that doesn’t rust or tarnish. It will develop a unique patina over time, requires regular cleaning and polishing with non-acidic cleaners and is vulnerable to high temperatures and denting.

Not sure which kitchen sink is best for your project?

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