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For both buyers and sellers, home inspection repairs are a huge component of the home buying/selling process. Elite Home Renovations & Design is focused on providing our clients with a full range of pre-listing and post-inspection repair services. If the home that you are purchasing or selling requires a plethora of repairs, our experienced plumbers, contractors, and handymen are available to serve Springfield, MO, and the surrounding areas. Our quality-focused work will assure that the home in question is as safe, valuable, and attractive as possible.

Local Home Inspection Repair Services

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Home inspections can uncover a variety of issues within a home. To a homebuyer or home seller, these issues can seem overwhelming. At Elite Renovations & Design, we provide comprehensive home inspection repair services. We offer these services at all phases of the inspection process. From pre-listing inspections to addendums, our experts complete work in a timely manner.

It is not uncommon for a home inspector to come across serious issues related to pipes and plumbing. The experts at Elite Renovations & Design can repair the following commonly found issues:

  • leakage issues
  • pipe issues
  • improperly completed DIY projects  
  • cross-connection issues

Additionally, there are other plumbing, electrical, roof, and structural issues that appear during inspections that can easily be solved with the help of our experienced contractors.

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If you want more information on home inspections and repairs, our blog provides helpful information:

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If you are selling or buying a home, Elite Renovations & Design is your inspection repair partner. With 30+ years of combined experience, our helpful team of contractors, handymen, and plumbers has been providing quality services to individuals since 2006. We provide plumbing, renovation and residential contractor services in and around Springfield, MO.

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