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EDGE: The Elite Renovations
Annual Home Maintenance & Repairs Program

The easiest way to save on the cost of owning a home is to address small problems and repairs before they become large ones. You can get the edge you need on your yearly home maintenance with the EDGE program from Elite Renovations & Design. This annual subscription service lets you choose and plan the repairs you need to keep your household running smoothly. Read on to learn more about how EDGE works, what’s included in your annual payment and the benefits of enrolling in this program today.

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edge annual subscription benefits include:

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The easiest way to save on the cost of owning a home is to address small repairs before they become large ones. Get the EDGE on home maintenance with annual inspections, free estimates and discounts on repairs. Take the worry out of maintaining your home and save money while you do it.

how does it work?

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step 1

Enroll in EDGE.

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step 2

Schedule your home inspection.

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step 3

Plan your home repairs with estimates.

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Save time and money!

What's Included In An Edge Subscription?

One home inspection

Let our local contractors take a look under the hood. Our experts will help you identify the most important repairs to address within your home and show you areas of improvement to consider for future repair projects.

$329 VALUE
two estimates
(up to one hour)

Once you have a detailed inspection report on your home, we can conduct thorough and accurate service estimates to help you begin to plan out your home repair projects and their costs.

$200 VALUE
one service call

Save on your very first renovation or repair project with a 100% discount on our initial service call rate.

$100 VALUE
one labor hour

Continue saving after our contractors or plumbers have arrived on-scene with a 100% discount on your first hour of labor.

$100 VALUE
Discount on labor

Not including current project, for all future projects. After your first free service call and hour of labor, you can still pile on the savings with a continued 10% discount on all labor costs, for all projects, all year!


Enrolling In EDGE costs $249.95 and has a total value of $729 plus!

services offered

The renovation contractors and plumbers at Elite Renovations & Design are equipped to handle a variety of home repair and maintenance services from full kitchen and bathroom renovations to water heater repairs, clogged toilets and sinks and much more. Discover a few of the service areas you’ll have access to each year with your EDGE membership. 

why choose edge

When you enroll in EDGE, you’ll receive all of the following benefits to help you save big when it comes to high-quality preventative maintenance and repairs from Elite Renovations: 

  • Save more on the cost of home repairs
  • Save more by fixing small repairs before they become costly
  • Save more by consolidating repairs
  • Save more by being the first to receive new discounts and offers
  • Save more by having one home repair team
  • Zero deductible
  • Plan for future home improvement projects

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