5 Tips for Adding the Perfect Kitchen Island to Your Home

Homeowners today want kitchens that are convenient, stylish and social.

So it’s no surprise that the versatile island is becoming a kitchen must-have in more and more homes. According to Houzz, nearly 40% of homeowners who complete a kitchen renovation include a kitchen island in the project.

Let’s take a look at 5 tips for installing the perfect kitchen island for your home.

#1: Size Matters

Think your kitchen is too small for an island? Think again!

Islands range from massive to slender, and can be customized for almost any layout in large and small kitchens alike.

On top of that, a custom-built island gives you extra space for cooking, cleaning and storage while actually freeing up more room for moving around the kitchen with ease.

#2: Enhance Kitchen Decor

Your choice of island materials sets the tone for your whole kitchen.

  • Marble countertops create a luxurious, upscale feel.
  • Oak and other popular woods add warmth.
  • Stainless steel and other metals lend a clean, contemporary vibe to your kitchen.
  • Quality used materials are a budget- and eco-friendly way to build a custom island. Examples include antique tables, salvaged wood, reclaimed walls or retro sideboards.

An island is also a good place to get creative with your kitchen’s color scheme.

  • Your island can match existing cabinetry for a unified look.
  • Or add a splash of drama with contrasting shades.
  • Liven up existing neutral decor by choosing bright red, royal blue or even a well-selected pastel or the island.
  • Go with white for an airy, sunny feel or darker hues for a sophisticated, elegant look.

#3: Add Functionality

Looking for the perfect place for baking, heating up leftovers or washing dishes? Or do you need more storage space to cut down on kitchen clutter?

  • Your island can accommodate cooktops, conventional or microwave ovens, warming drawers, sinks or dishwashers. It can also include power outlets for plugging in mixers, blenders and coffee makers.
  • Need a good home for that wine collection? Or more shelves for those pots and pans? Your island can include drawers, cabinets or open shelving to hold dishes, utensils and cookware. It’s also a good place to boost your food storage capacity by installing refrigerator drawers, freezer or wine cooler.

#4: Get Social with Seating

An island can transform any kitchen from a purely functional space into a hub for entertaining, casual conversation or a little family time after a long day at work and school.

Islands can be built at table, counter or bar height — or a combination — and stylish bar stools or colorful chairs will add a unique touch to your kitchen decor.

#5: Design for Accessibility

Whether you’re looking at aging-in-place options or simply want to make your kitchen easier to use for children and adults of all sizes, an island is a great choice.

A two-tiered island features various counter heights so you can prepare food either standing or seated, or use the lower level as a desk for getting some work done.

Want to learn more about how an island can bring new value to your kitchen? Contact Elite Renovations & Design today or call 417-708-8393.


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