Get the Perfect Backsplash for Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’re looking to update your kitchen, a backsplash is a great way to add function, style and value. It complements a full-scale remodel or works well as a stand-alone project.

What exactly does a backsplash do? Its primary job is to protect your kitchen walls against the occasional splash or spill. It can extend just 4” above the countertop or go as high as the ceiling.

Backsplashes are in high demand, with 87% of remodelers adding them — second only to countertop upgrades. And with a wide range of sizes, materials, colors and patterns available, the backsplash lets you customize the personality of your entire kitchen.

Backsplash Size and Layout

How much wall do you want to cover with a backsplash? 

For many kitchen designs, the space between the countertop and upper cabinets is enough. You can make a more dramatic statement by extending the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling, or even across an entire wall.

  • Letting your upper cabinets, lower cabinets and backsplash form a single, crisp line creates a unified appearance. 
  • Those wanting a more creative touch might include a “sidesplash” that extends to noncabinet walls. 
  • For smaller kitchens, tiling an entire wall can make the kitchen look and feel bigger.
  • Too much backsplash may have the opposite effect in a large kitchen and appear overdone. A simple alignment with your upper cabinets may work best. 
  • Consider how your backsplash will complement other kitchen elements like peninsulas and windows. 

Backsplash Materials and Colors

Ceramic tile is the most popular backsplash material, favored by 55% of remodelers. Just over ⅓ of renovating homeowners (35%) choose white as their backsplash color, with others opting for multi-colored patterns or gray. 

  • Tile offers almost endless creative options, from simple large tiles in a single shade, to classic subway tile, to exotic mosaic designs.
  • If you’re looking for alternatives to the traditional tile backsplash, wood grain flooring and shiplap wood offer possibilities for the rustic kitchen. 
  • A vibrant fabric or paint color may be protected by a glass covering. 
  • Stone, quartz, exposed brick or cement give the kitchen a natural, outdoorsy feel. 

Want to include a new backsplash in your kitchen remodel? Let our full-service contractors bring your vision to life with results that meet your needs and add value to your home.

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