Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink for Your Remodel

A new bathroom sink offers an excellent way to update the look, feel and functionality of a full or half bathroom.

With a wide range of styles and materials available, it’s easy to choose the perfect option for complementing your bathroom fixtures, flooring design and cabinets.

What’s the best model for your bathroom sink? You’ll want to consider the size and layout of your space, and how your sink will be integrated with your countertops.

Here are some of the most popular types of bathroom sinks with today’s homeowners.

  • Undermount. As the name implies, an undermount bathroom sink attaches to the underside of your bathroom countertop for a sleek appearance that’s easy to clean. This style works best with stone and other solid countertop materials.
  • Self-rimming. Also called a top-mount, this sink has an outer edge or rim that fits over the countertop to support the weight of the sink. Caulking provides a water-tight seal between the rim and the countertop for easier cleaning.
  • Integrated sink. Those preferring a seamless appearance might choose an integrated sink, which is directly built into the countertop. This option creates a visually appealing smooth transition and is simple to care for.
  • Pedestal sink. A smooth bowl gracefully perched atop a long stem makes the pedestal sink a popular choice for half bathrooms. When installed in a full bathroom, limited space for placing toothbrushes and other personal care items may call for extra countertops and cabinet space.
  • Console sink. This model features a sink basin supported by legs for a table-like appearance. It may also include shelving for extra storage or bars for hanging towels.
  • Vanities. A cabinet designed to hold a sink and faucet, the vanity is designed to look like furniture and may be crafted in a number of sizes, shapes and styles from traditional to contemporary. Shelving, drawers and mirrors may be included.
  • Wall-hung. A sink attached directly to the wall lends a contemporary vibe to the bathroom and includes a decorative shroud to conceal and protect pipes. This model is easy to use standing or seated, which makes it a great choice for aging-in-place remodels.
  • Vessel sink. A decorative bowl sitting on top of the counter makes an eye-catching centerpiece that lends unique personality to your bathroom. This option pairs well with tall or wall-mounted faucets, depending on the size of your sink.


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