Enhance Bathroom Decor With The Right Tiles

If you find yourself looking around your bathroom and noticing chips, cracks, or buildup on your tiles, it’s time to start replacing your bathroom tile. 

Since tile is durable and long-lasting, it is important that you are educated about what tile to use in certain spaces of your bathroom. In this blog, the Elite Renovations and Design team explains how to pick the best bathroom tile for your bathroom upgrade project! 

If you are ready to start your bathroom renovation process, contact the professionals at Elite Renovations and Design. 

What Are The Different Types Of Tile?

There are a number of tile types that are suitable for bathroom renovation projects. To determine which tile type is best for you to use, you need to know which ones are the most popular for bathroom floors and decide which one suits your space best. 

Three Common Types of Bathroom Tile: 

  • Porcelain & Ceramic- Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very versatile, and can be used in multiple locations around the bathroom without fear of water absorption. This tile is good to use on floors, countertops, and even as bathroom shower tiles. Another bonus is that these tiles are normally economical.

 Multi-colored tiles lined up on a black background.

  • Marble & Stone- Marble and stone floors are stylish, organic, and work well in more modern and sleek bathrooms. There are a variety of stone types to choose from. These tiles are beautiful on shower interiors and floors, but are also commonly used as bathroom wall tiles. 

Circular marble and stone tiles on a white background.

  • Linoleum- If you are looking for a flooring option that mimics other flooring types for a fraction of the cost, look no farther than linoleum! These tiles are normally easy to cut, and therefore can be used in multiple spaces. They are most commonly used as bathroom floor tiles. 

Wood-like linoleum flooring that has just been applied to the floor.

Which Type Of Tile Should You Choose? 

To determine what type of tiles you want to use, consider the following points: 

  • How durable do you want your tile to be?- In time, tiles do break down. It is hard to determine how durable a tile can be. The best way to make sure that your tiles last is to maintain them carefully, especially if they are on the floor. 
  • Are slick floors an issue for you?- If you are worried about slipping or sliding on your floor, you might want to steer away from stone or porcelain/ceramic. These types of tiles are slick, so if you do decide you’d like to use them, consider using bath mats that have non-slip rubberized backs around the floor. 
  • Consider the cost!- Stone titles are more expensive, while linoleum and porcelain or ceramic tiles are less expensive, so consider how much you’d like to spend on your tiling budget. 
  • What is your bathroom style?- Do you like clean and minimalist design, or are you more attracted to bright colors? Solid colored tiles can be a good choice because even if your decor style changes or evolves, a neutral tile color will work with whatever theme you decide to utilize. Colored or patterned tiles are a great way to add some personality to your bathroom space. 

Selecting the perfect tile for your bathroom truly comes down to what you like. Consider visiting some tile stores and make a list of the styles you like best. Ask for samples and test them in your bathroom space to see what you like. Take your time to make your decision.  

If you aren’t experienced with tile installation, it is a good idea to contact a professional. They will be able to ensure that your tile will be laid in a way to ensure that it is even and appropriately installed. 

Elite Renovations & Design Is Here To Help! 

With years of experience, the contractors at Elite Renovations & Design of Springfield, Missouri have completed a multitude of tile installation projects and complete bathroom renovations.  Contact Elite Renovations & Design for a free tile installation or bathroom renovation quote!

Bathroom sinkLuxury bathtub and shower with marble tile floor and subway tile wall