Soak Up the Style and Convenience of These 5 Invigorating Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Far from being an afterthought, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s a space that serves many roles, from the purely functional to the completely relaxing.

Improvements here can add to your own personal enjoyment while boosting the value of your home.

If a bathroom remodel is in your future, here are 5 updates that will add both style and convenience.

#1: Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere

You don’t have to fly off to a deserted island to escape the stress of work and school. Your bathroom can be your own personal oasis of rest and rejuvenation.

Everything from deep soaking tubs to soft lighting and graceful textures create a soothing atmosphere for getting away from it all without a plane ticket.

  • Make it easy. Many of today’s most popular bathroom renovations are part of the aging in place trend — allowing older homeowners to live in their homes comfortably and safely instead of moving to a senior living facility. But it turns out that many of these improvements actually make the bathroom more relaxing and convenient for all ages.
    • No-threshold showers
    • Comfort height toilet seats
    • Side-mounted faucets
    • Floating bathroom vanities that can be used while seated
    • Combination shower/tub wet rooms
  • Add a touch of warmth. Who wants to step out of a nice hot shower onto an ice-cold floor? In-floor heating systems give you a safe and comfy place to walk around barefoot, and towel warmers let you wrap up in toasty comfort after that refreshing bath. For an added boost of romantic warmth, add an elegant fire feature.

#2: Improve Your Bathroom Storage

Updating your storage is a great way to keep all your essentials close at hand while ramping up your bathroom’s style quotient.

  • Optimize the use of compartments in drawers, cabinets and shelves throughout the bath area.
  • Hidden storage options create the impression of more space by keeping your belongings cleverly tucked away.
  • Look to unused corners and areas below eye level for creative storage solutions.
  • Vertical cabinets and shelves make a great use of bathroom space.
  • Open shelving is another popular choice that adds convenience along with a welcoming vibe.

#3: Add the Latest Bathroom Technology

Enjoy a personalized bath time experience that caters to your every preference by adding clever digital elements to your bathroom.

  • Some like it hot, and others like it cold, but with customizable temperature settings, your shower will remember just how you like it.
  • High-tech toilets come with a range of comfort-enhancing options including seat warmers, lid openers and built-in deodorizers.
  • Install a small smart refrigerator to store refreshments and keep your medicines the right temperature.
  • Automatic faucets give you no-touch hand-washing convenience.
  • Take singing in the shower to a whole new level with bathroom mirrors and even shower heads that come with built-in wireless music players, touch screens and more digital features to keep you connected while you’re getting clean.

#4: Shower Remodel & New Bathtub Designs

A shower remodel or soothing new bathtub is a great way to add a more luxurious feel to your bathroom.

  • Get More Out of Your Shower. Open shower designs are very popular and easy to get in and out of. Sit back and relax with a built-in shower bench. Soothe those sore muscles with body exhilarating sprays, water jets, steam systems and other advanced takes on the old shower head. Keep shampoo and towels in easy reach with built-in shelving.
  • Give Some Love to the Tub. The tub is a great place to show a little personality while getting your relaxation on. From island baths to freestanding designs, today’s tubs come in a variety of shapes including square, oval, rectangular and asymmetrical.

#5: Bring a Personal Touch to Your Bathroom Decor

Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional atmosphere, design updates will enhance the aesthetic value of your bathroom. There’s no shortage of materials and colors to choose from,  so you’re sure to find plenty of bathroom decor ideas to give you the best value.

  • Timeless Look of Tile. With an almost endless array of colors, shapes and patterns, your choice of tile goes a long way toward giving you the bathroom decor of your dreams. Bring a little old-world enchantment to the 21st century with ancient mosaic patterns from Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Go nostalgic with cool subway tile. Or mix and match to make your own one-of-a-kind statement with hexagon, arabesque, diamond, fish scale or chevron shapes.
  • Say It with Ceramic. Popular for showers and flooring, it’s also a great choice for tile, walls or countertops. Ceramic is an elegant and versatile material that can mimic the look of slate, marble, granite or even wood with a little tweaking.
  • Lighting. With so many techniques and fixtures available, the best bathroom lighting design gives you the perfect blend of style and function. Pendants and chandeliers fill the room with light from above, while sconces and uplighting near the vanity help you get ready for the exciting day ahead.
  • Creative Color Schemes. Dazzle with classic white. Make a subtle statement with monochrome. Get back to nature with organic grays and browns. Or make a splash with a mix of your favorite shades. From floor to walls to countertops, color is the perfect way to add a touch of originality and set the mood for the bathroom of your dreams.

Are you looking for ideas to improve the style and functionality of your own bathroom?

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