What Are the Best Kitchen Paint Colors for 2020?

After years of all-neutral or monochromatic shades being all the rage, kitchens are getting more colorful!

And there are lots of ways to liven up a previously neutral or monochromatic space.

Kitchen cabinets are the easiest place to add a new splash of color. When choosing cabinet colors, think about the style of your cabinets and the amount of natural lighting they receive. 

You can also combine different complementary colors to establish an uplifting atmosphere. Mix and match upper and base cabinets, or inject creative accents into kitchen islands and other elements. If you’re looking for a more soothing ambience, English country-inspired muted shades make for a warm, welcoming space. 

Here are some of this year’s most popular kitchen paint colors to inspire your next project.

Moody Blues

Various shades of blue let you update the look of your kitchen with a classic feel that will last for years.

  • Navy blue works nicely as an alternative neutral to white or gray, and has been named 2020 Color of the Year by Sherwin-Williams
  • Peacock blue is a soothing jewel tone that makes a big impact in small doses, such as on trim or accent walls. 
  • Timeless marine blue adds a touch of formality and pairs well with modern and traditional furnishings. 
  • Barely blue offers a quiet alternative to the all-white kitchen and creates a calming, comforting tone. 

Easy Being Green

Green evokes a cool, outdoorsy feel to give your kitchen a relaxed energy. 

  • Earthy sage green works well as a neutral and pairs well with indoor kitchen plants. 
  • Tranquil sea green looks great with black, white or beige and lends a serene coastal vibe to your kitchen. 
  • Calming gray green is a cool color that comes in both glossy and matte finishes. 
  • Go with a dark blue green to give your space an elegant feel.

Warm & Cozy

They say the kitchen is the heart of your home, and what better way to create a welcoming atmosphere than with comforting warm colors?

  • Soothing yellows and tans paired with popular wood finishes exude an old-world charm. 
  • Pale yellow gives your kitchen a spacious, optimistic feel when used with brown wooden tables and cabinetry. 
  • Want just a touch of drama that’s not too over-the-top? Add a few gold leaf accents to go with dark neutrals like charcoal or chocolate brown. 
  • If you’re looking for a more daring look, choose a dark red or bright yellow.

Black Is Back

Both classic and edgy, there’s no better way to add a sophisticated personality to any space than to include black in your color scheme.

  • Choose either a true pitch black or a more toned-down off-black. 
  • The high contrast of a black-and-white is a good choice if you’re looking to add a “wow” factor to your kithen decor. 
  • Pair a matte black finish with gold accents for an upscale look. 

Up-to-Date Neutrals

Bring your kitchen into the new decade by freshening up your neutrals.

  • Pair light gray with a hint of blue to lighten up the mood of your kitchen. 
  • Soothing cream goes great with a variety of shades, including black, blue, pink and dark green. 
  • For a clean, functional, minimalist style, mix light taupe with black, white or gray. 
  • Warm ivories and charcoal offer a more contemporary alternative to traditional neutrals.

Into the Woods

The look of wood grain brings a naturalistic texture to an otherwise sterile space. Popular varieties include honey-toned maple and white oak. 

Another great option is to go with a traditional wood finish for lower cabinets, while painting your upper cabinets in a complementary shade. 

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