Use that Tax Refund to Make Those Home Improvements You’ve Been Putting Off

You don’t always need a whole house remodel or a complete kitchen or bath renovation to make a big improvement to your home.

Sometimes a few smaller changes can make a world of difference in the look or function of your space — and add value for future homebuyers.

If you’re getting a refund from Uncle Sam this tax season, one smart way to invest that extra dough is to get around to some of those home improvements you’ve been putting off.

Kitchen Improvements

Looking to update that kitchen? Here are a few small fixes that will make a big difference.

  • Add a backsplash. It looks great, instantly transforms your kitchen and gets a good return on investment. The backsplash is one of the most popular features with homebuyers today, and can be customized to create the perfect look and feel for your kitchen.
  • Spruce up those kitchen cabinets. Depending on the size of your refund, you could install completely new cabinets or update the ones you have. A fresh coat of paint in a new color, or changing knobs or handles are excellent options.
  • Install new kitchen countertops. Want to improve functionality and appearance without a complete kitchen remodel? Get a countertop makeover! Granite, quartz and other solid surfaces come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. They’re also durable and easy to clean so they facilitate convenient food preparation.

Bathroom Improvements

You can add relaxation, convenience and style with these simple bathroom updates.

  • Get new tile. With an almost endless array of shapes, colors and patterns, new tile instantly adds new life to almost any old bathroom wall, floor or shower stall. Look for easy-to-clean materials that can handle heavy traffic and moisture.
  • Replace your shower door. A new shower door is another simple transformation that works wonders in most bathrooms. Clear glass and window framed designs are popular choices.
  • Update or replace your vanity. You can boost aesthetic appeal with fresh countertops or mirrors. Adding new drawers or cabinet space can amp up your storage capabilities.
  • Install a new shower head. Look for shower heads in a range of styles that also help you conserve water while relaxing those sore muscles after a long day or tough workout.
  • Replace outdated faucets. Want to improve efficiency and ease of use? Advanced faucets offering low- or no-touch functionality make handwashing a breeze, while updating the look and feel of your bathroom.
  • Add new lighting. Brighten up your bathroom with new lighting fixtures, especially near the vanity. Sconces, pendants, uplighting and even chandeliers are all great options for setting the right mood and helping you look your best for work, school or a fun night on the town.

Energy Saving Improvements

Looking for even more bang for your home improvement buck? Here are some energy efficient fixes that will add to your home value and leave more money in your wallet.

  • Check on that HVAC. Investing just a little of that refund check in a regular cleaning can add 10 years to the life of your system, while reducing utility costs substantially.
  • Install insulation. A poorly insulated attic means you’re spending more to heat your home than you should. Choosing the right type of insulation and having it correctly installed will keep you comfortable, lower your energy costs and raise your home value.
  • Replace lighting and fixtures. Make the most of your lighting by choosing fixtures that direct the right type and amount of light where you need it most. Chandeliers create a welcoming vibe in entryways and dining rooms. Under-cabinet lighting adds practical value to the kitchen. Replacing old incandescent bulbs with LEDS will also give you greater energy efficiency.
  • Open the door to savings. A new front door not only boosts the curb appeal of your home, but can help with climate control as well. Choose a material, such as fiberglass, that won’t swell or contract in response to weather conditions, and install proper weather stripping to keep hot and cold temperatures outside where they belong.
  • Get energy-friendly appliances. Inefficient water heaters, toilets, refrigerators and dishwashers drive up your energy costs without adding value. Have your current appliances inspected and serviced regularly, and replace when needed. Installing to a tankless water heater, for instance, will give you an instant efficiency upgrade and save on water and electricity.

Improvements Throughout the House

If you’re looking for other ideas to improve the interior of your home, here are a few projects to consider.

  • Install wood flooring. One of the most commonly requested features from home buyers, replacing a worn-out carpet with wood flooring give almost any room an instant facelift. It adds warmth for relaxing at home, creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests and gives you a good ROI when it’s time to sell.
  • Add closet upgrades. Another homebuyer favorite is ample storage space. Adding or improving closet space is an especially good way to enhance the appeal of an older home.
  • Update your ceilings. If you’ve still go those old popcorn ceilings, have a professional smooth them out. Other great improvements include crown molding or box beams.

Exterior Improvements

Looking to add enhance the outside of your home this year? There are several options for boosting curb appeal and making the backyard even more fun.

  • Create an outdoor kitchen. No more running back and forth between the kitchen and grill at your next barbeque. A grill island with ample countertop space adds convenience and style to your backyard space. Throw in a refrigerator to keep those outdoor refreshments close at hand.
  • Build a deck or improve your current one. Homebuyers love homes with decks. Even a small deck gives you a great place to enjoy a nice, sunny day or entertain guests outdoors.  
  • Get a new garage door. Replacing an out-of-date garage door recovers most of its cost in added home value by helping to boost your home’s curb appeal. Choosing the right model with proper insulation may also help with energy efficiency.

The exact costs of these improvements will vary depending upon many factors, and remember that cheapest is usually not best. Do some planning and ask lots of questions of your contractor on the front end, so you get the value you’re looking for without spending more than you have to.

Are you looking to invest your tax refund in those home improvements you’ve been putting off?

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