Get Relaxed and Refreshed with These Shower Seating Options

Looking to transform your bathroom into a calming retreat from the stress of a long day? 

Shower seating offers a simple way to do just that. With just this one upgrade, you can enhance the style, comfort and safety of your space for you, your guests and future homeowners. It’s an excellent choice for aging-in-place and other bathroom remodeling projects

When choosing the best shower seat for your bathroom, the needs of shower users will be your first priority. You’ll also want something that complements the size, style and design of your bathroom.

Built-In Shower Bench

A built-in bench gives your shower a luxurious feel and can also hold personal care items. It may run along the side or just take up a corner, and may be square, rectangular or triangle shaped. 

Natural stone, tile or moisture-friendly woods are good materials to use for shower benches. Tile comes in an almost endless variety of styles and colors. For those wanting a rustic appearance, teak is a sturdy wood that retains its beauty even with repeated moisture exposure. It also resists mold, mildew, fungi and termites. 

Floating Shower Bench

A floating bench is securely attached to the shower wall, with open floor space underneath. It can run the length of the shower stall or just take up a corner, and it works well in small bathrooms. 

This type of bench is often made from a single stone slab. It may be tiled to match the rest of the shower, or made from a waterproof wood such as teak. Bracing underneath allows the bench to support shower occupants, and professional installation is required for best results. 

Fold-Down Shower Seat

Ideal for smaller showers, a fold-down seat or bench saves space as it can be folded up against the wall when not in use. It’s also a good choice for a universal design remodel. Special blocking ensures that the bench is firmly attached to the wall and can support the user. Fold-down benches are typically built using moisture-tolerant wood. 


Whichever design you choose, make sure the shower controls and personal care items are all within easy reach from a seated or standing position. The shower seat can also be gently sloped so that water runs off instead of pooling, which helps to prevent mildew. 

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