Big Ideas for Your Small Bathroom Remodel


Not sure what to do with that outdated powder room? Need more elbow room in that square-footage-challenged full bath?

You’re in the right place!

For some homeowners, a bathroom enlargement makes sense. If this isn’t feasible, don’t despair. You still have plenty of possibilities when it comes to renovating a small bathroom.

Smart Space Savers

If you can’t make the room bigger, your best bet is to maximize the space you have.

Doors that swing inward can make a small bathroom feel even more crowded. Pocket doors or sliding doors allow more freedom of movement along with easier entry and exit. 

A floating vanity modernizes the look of your bathroom and gives you more floor space. Wall-mounted sinks, faucets and toilets are other great solutions that also make cleaning more convenient.

Showers & Tubs

A walk-in shower takes up less space than a tub, especially if you opt for a sliding glass door over a swing-out model. Built-in niches or cubbies offer a convenient spot for shampoo and soap. 

Some small bathrooms will accommodate a luxurious tub as an appealing visual focal point. A shower-tub combo lets you enjoy the relaxation of a full bath in a smaller space.

Vanity & Sink Options

Countertops with rounded corners will soften the look of your bathroom, and also be much safer should you happen to bump into them. 

Corner sinks, pedestal sinks and trough sinks all add style without taking up too much real estate. If you have enough room, a double sink layout or longer countertop surface may offer extra convenience.

Clever Storage Design

Bathroom storage must be ample enough to hold towels and other supplies without taking up too much room. Vertical cabinets can free things up a bit. If cabinet doors are making things feel a little too cramped, open shelving or cubbies offer a practical alternative. Towel bars on walls, doors or under the vanity make for efficient use of space.

Lighting & Mirrors

A well-lit bathroom appears bigger than a darker space of the same size.

Windows and skylights let in natural light, while attractive lighting above the vanity mirror brightens things up even more. Mirrors make small bathrooms feel more spacious, especially when reflecting light from windows.

Lots of Personality

From interesting floor designs to shower walls, strong patterns bring a unique sense of depth to smaller spaces. 

Popular designs include big squares and wide stripes. Create a one-of-a-kind style with penny tiles or mosaic work. You can even choose tiles that mimic other materials such as plank wood

White tiles give your bathroom a clean, crisp look, while a few black accents add a modern flair. Choose lighter colors for a calming effect, or dark colors to exude a more intimate tone. You can achieve an upscale look with stone, exotic woods and brushed metal fixtures. 

If you’re considering a small bathroom remodel, our local conractors have the experience to get the job done right. Contact Elite Renovations & Design for a free quote!

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