Garbage Disposal Clogs: A Guide

Garbage disposals are a modern-day essential. 

When it’s in working order, this effective blade system chops your excess food product up and helps it move down the drain with ease. 

When you’re dealing with a clogged disposal, your helpful kitchen ally becomes your foe as you battle to clear it of any obstructions. 

If this scenario seems familiar, keep reading. In this blog, Elite Renovations & Design discusses why disposals clog, how to avoid this issue, and when to call a plumber!

Why Do Garbage Disposals Clog? 

There are multiple reasons why your garbage disposal may clog. It can be something as simple as the blades attempting to grind up abrasive food waste, or something as complex as a metal object like a spoon or fork getting caught in the blades. View our list of common causes below. 

Major Causes of Garbage Disposal Clogs: 

  • Abrasive Food Waste: If you drop abrasive materials like eggshells or coffee grounds into your garbage disposal regularly, you are sending those particles into your pipes where a buildup can occur and cause a blocked garbage disposal. 

Five brown eggs sit inside of a stainless steel sink.

  • Starchy Food Waste: When you grind up potato peels in your disposal, they can make a thick, glue-like material that can gunk up your pipes and your disposal system. 

Potatoes are being washed in a stainless steel sink basin.

  • Stringy Food Waste: Dropping stringy food waste into your disposal can cause masses or tangles that may be difficult to remove, and that can certainly impact the performance of your garbage disposal. 

Celery stalks are being washed in a stainless steel sink basin.

  • Metal Materials: Watch out for forks and spoons! They tend to slip down the drain and can cause your garbage disposal blades to become damaged. 

A fork and knife sitting in a stainless steel sink basin.

Remember, always exercise caution when you are clearing a clogged garbage disposal. If you are not sure, contact a professional plumber! 

How Can I Avoid Garbage Disposal Clogs? 

To avoid garbage disposal clogs, you need to be more aware of what is going down your drain. Watch for obvious issue-causers like forks, spoons, and knives. Make sure that you aren’t sending any other common cloggers down the drain. 

When Is It Time To Call A Plumber? 

If your disposal is clogged more often than it isn’t, it is a good idea to call a plumber

Garbage disposal repair can be dangerous, and you can injure yourself or damage your disposal system if you try to complete a do-it-yourself fix on your garbage disposal. In time, your garbage disposal may need replaced. Call a plumber to ensure that your new garbage disposal is installed correctly.

Elite Renovations’ Plumbers Are Here To Help! 

If you have a severely clogged garbage disposal or if you think it may be time to replace your old disposal system, contact the plumbing experts at Elite Renovations & Design

Our commitment to quality work has helped us to become one of the most trusted plumbers in Springfield, MO. We have the experience to complete the job quickly and professionally.

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